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There looks like there is a mistake in the recent generalized base
code that makes air units check for the no-hp-loss flag instead of the
refuel flag. Patch should fix this. (ATM this should have no effect,
since hp-loss-flag bases == refuel bases.)

  - Per

Index: common/movement.c
--- common/movement.c	(revision 12614)
+++ common/movement.c	(working copy)
@@ -266,15 +266,14 @@
     return TRUE;
-  /* TODO: check for dangerous positions (like triremes in deep water). */
   switch (get_unit_move_type(unit_type(punit))) {
   case LAND_MOVING:
   case SEA_MOVING:
     return TRUE;
   case AIR_MOVING:
-  case HELI_MOVING:
     return tile_has_base_flag(punit->tile, BF_REFUEL);
+  case HELI_MOVING:
+    return tile_has_base_flag(punit->tile, BF_NO_HP_LOSS);
     die("Invalid move type");
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