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>Hmm, ok. Can you list the deficiencies with the 2.1 AI that, in your 
>opinion, ought to be fixed before release?

    OK, but keep in mind that it has been 6 months since I last
played the unmodified 2.1.0.b2.  So I hope I'm not confusing my
memory of it with memories of the modded versions that I created
(in hopes of fixing some of the AI's problems).

    IIRC, the most troubling problems were:

1) The AIs built more happiness buildings (temple, colosseum, etc.)
   than they needed.

2) The AIs slowed (and in some cases, stopped) researching new techs
   sometime in the middle game.  The AI civs typically set their tax
   rate high (70% or higher) despite the fact that they already had
   ample gold reserves.

3) The AIs refused to build harbors.

4) The AIs still didn't build WoWs aggressively enough.



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