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> [guest - Wed Feb 14 02:34:57 2007]:
> Hi, this is Eleazar.
> OK, i don't fully understand how your terrain engine works, but i
> believe, i can offer a
> solution that will work more simply.  This idea would also easily
> support additional ocean
> terrains if needed.
> The problem is the convergence of land, shallow and deep water.
> Specifically blending the
> coastline into whatever is happening with the water.
> In order:
> 1) deep and shallow ocean tiles are laid down.  They can blend with
> each other using
> whatever method.
> 2) Partially transparent coast transitions tiles are laid over the
> ocean.  Different versions
> might be used when the adjacent land is tundra.  The coastal trans,
> images are fully opaque
> in the dry-land portions, but the under-water portion fades toward
> full transparency further
> from shore.  This would allow the coast to blend seamlessly with the
> ocean floor no matter
> how the floor was constructed.
> 3) Land tiles are drawn as normal.

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