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I'd like to see more "flavor text" in Freeciv!

For example, at the start of the game:
"Your people have been hunter-gatherers since time immemorial. Now you
are ready to settle down and build an agrarian society. You have been
chosen by the elders to lead your people in this age. Your first task
is to find the ideal spot for your first permanent settlement."

I'd also like the diplomacy to be a lot more 'vocal' with the AI
taunting, threatening, or patronizing the player, depending on their
mood. This could be accomplished by integrating a kind of chatline
into the diplomacy dialog where the AI's messages are output. This
chatline could also serve as a place for haggling between two human
players. You would also get the opportunity to taunt the AI: something
that it completely ignores, but satisfying nevertheless. ;)


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