On Monday 19 February 2007 12:53 am, Daniel Markstedt wrote:
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> I'd also like the diplomacy to be a lot more 'vocal' with the AI
> taunting, threatening, or patronizing the player, depending on their
> mood. This could be accomplished by integrating a kind of chatline
> into the diplomacy dialog where the AI's messages are output. This
> chatline could also serve as a place for haggling between two human
> players. You would also get the opportunity to taunt the AI: something
> that it completely ignores, but satisfying nevertheless. ;)

Can we get a chatline anyway?  It would be nice if I could private chat with a 
person with whom I'm negotiating.  I realize I can already do that, but it's 
terribly inconvenient.  All the client needs to do is prepend the appropriate 
text to the line to make it private and intercept the other player's private 
text messages sent to the client.

That said, I'd be happy to provide flavor text, just tell me what you want 
written and what format to put it in.  :)  (I mean, list events where you 
want to show flavor text.  They don't have to even be implemented yet, 


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