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setting sciencebox to 1 results in clients crashing:
        civclient: tech.c:533: base_total_bulbs_required: Assertion
                 `pplayer->ai.science_cost > 0' failed.
suggested fix: round 0 to 1 :)

the chat string "Revan hurry up :p" sends a message to "Revan" with "p"
suggested fix: require quotes to include spaces in names for private msgs

In the attached savegame 20070217-01-LukeTerritoryByEdinburgh.sav.gz, why do I 
have territory by Edinburgh? Coastal territory nonetheless!

Great Wall doesn't obsolete?

Polls don't work in pregame

Players can't be assigned teams until they pick a nation

Can't renew ceasefire

I ping timeout on my own local server!

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