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On 2/14/07, Daniel Markstedt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Right now, Amplio uses a different civicon (amplio/civicon.png) and
> cityicon (amplio/cityicon.png) than all the other tilesets in SVN.
> It IMO is especially crucial that civicon is standardized, since it
> shows up in for example winxp's taskbar and while alt-tabbing. The
> result is that under Windows, Freeciv running Amplio and Freeciv
> running Trident appear to be two different programs.
> I don't mind third party tilesets using custom icons, but all tilesets
> in the official package should IMO use one and the same style to avoid
> confusion.
> I suggest using Amplio's cityicon and a civicon derived from jimbo's
> 'golden globe' logo (attached).
>  ~Daniel

As for 2.1 we should use the icon for that version. Attached.

BTW, any way of forcing the win32 builds to use the executable's ICO
instead of civicon.png as window manager icon? The Windows window
manager can scale its native format with anti-aliasing, while the
Linux-style window manager icon looks craptacular (no anti-aliasing at
all) whatever you do. You can tell the difference very well, since the
ICO shows up in the taskbar for a second or so while starting up,
before the Freeciv code changes it to the PNG.


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