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> >  It says: "Only one living person per nation is permitted."

Daniel Markstedt wrote on Feb 21, 04:28 (-0800):
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> True. I prefer 'none' though. But if you can argue that Gorbachev is
> an important enough character in Soviet history, I can agree to put
> him in. :)

In the last century, history seems to develop with increasing speed.
Leaders come, go, and are forgotton long before they die. Or is it just
me, that with growing age, world seems to spin faster around you?

Freeciv deals not only with the past or presence of civilization but
even tries to have a (tiny) look at the (forseeable) future. It was
just recently that came to mind, that Freeciv deals with global warming
since its early days.

I think that leaders who are still alive, but definitely out of
business, should be free for inclusion in the rulesets. "Out of
business" might be an argueable definition (Gorbachev is, Prodi is not)
but I think we can solve it. The reason to exclude active leaders is to
avoid too hot political discussions about their importance. There is no
need to extend this on still living ex-leaders IMHO.

And, FWIW, I think Gorbachev earns a mention in the ruleset.


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