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Hi, all!

I got a bit of translating done, and made notes of oddities as I went.
I've still got lots and lots of messages to go, so again I'm not
spending the good inspiration time into hacking Bugzilla but try to
focus on the translating. Sorry, guys! X-)


#. TRANS: "2 unhappy" or ", 1 unhappy"
#: client/helpdata.c:1497
#, c-format
msgid "%s%d unhappy"

For some reason, this string isn't dealt with proper pluralization like
e.g. msgid "% 3d turn" in client/citydlg_common.c:240 is. It even has a
translation comment to the effect of being aware of it... X-)

#: client/text.c:176 client/gui-sdl/mapview.c:787
msgid " with "

Needs translator comments, and probably also less assumption that all
languages deal with this string by putting it in the middle of two other
phrases like this. :)

#: common/events.c:57
msgid "City: Was Built"

#: common/events.c:62
msgid "Civ: Collapse to Anarchy"

#: common/events.c:70
msgid "Diplomat Action: Bribe"

#: common/events.c:79
msgid "Enemy Diplomat: Bribe"

etc etc etc.

I'd like to see all of these prefixes just gotten rid of once and for
all and not reintroduced ever again. (Hey, we got rid of Game:, didn't
we?) :) Replace with one Civ: %s and one City: %s so we don't need to
translate the same message over when the prefixes are changed, and we
don't need to keep repeatedly translating the same string when the
messages are in fact the same? (If there *is* a contextual difference,
there's a markup for that that doesn't require translating.)

In addition, the events messages are strange in their minimality. A
translator comment for what kind of context this kinds of strings appear
would be nice.

#: common/events.c:56
msgid "City: Transfer"

Could use a translator comment. I'm assuming "sell off to another
civilization", not e.g. a physical move.

#: data/scenario/europe-200x100-v2.sav:3
msgid "Europe (giant/classic)"

#: data/scenario/earth-80x50-v2.sav:3
msgid "Earth (classic, small)"

These aren't consistent in the / vs. , and ordering. If there isn't a
reason for this, it should be fixed.

#: data/scenario/tutorial.sav:11
msgid ""
"Welcome to Freeciv.  You lead a civilization.  Your\\ntask is to
conquer the "
"world!  You should start by\\nexploring the land around you with your "
"explorer,\\nand using your settlers to find a good place to build\\na
city.  "
"Use the number pad to move units around."

It's a pain to try to position linebreaks right in translations. Could
the probable windows showing this be made to deal with linebreaking and
window sizing by themselves?

#: data/civ1/game.ruleset:101 data/civ2/game.ruleset:101
#: data/default/game.ruleset:129
msgid "Team 1"
#: data/civ1/game.ruleset:132 data/civ2/game.ruleset:132
#: data/default/game.ruleset:160
msgid "Team 32"

Man, did that feel like a good use of my time or what! ;) How about
using "Team %d" instead?

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