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On 2/24/07, Daniil Ivanov <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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> Hi,
> N1: guys from wiki have only nicknames, there's
> nothing to be done.

Then give their nicknames. Many are credited like that. (And sometimes
you can find their real names on their user pages.)

> N2:
> N2: well, I took the colors from here:
> hhttp://www.vexilla-mundi.com/moldova.htm
> http://www.vexilla-mundi.com/romania.htm
> Thanks, Daniil.

My experience tells me that vexella-mundi.com is not reliable as a
source. I have no idea where he gets his color specs from, but they
are often completely wrong. I suggest you refer to 'Flags of the
World' instead: http://www.fotw.net/flags/md.html


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