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On 3/4/07, Vasco Alexandre da Silva Costa <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Sat Mar 03 21:50:23 2007]:
> >  Flag behavior is completely defined by user (ruleset author). It is
> > given to unit only for matching UnitFlag req.
> >
> >  Do you have better naming convention for such flags? I think we
> > should provide several such flags in the future.
> How about allowing for ruleset definable flag names? That would make the
> rulesets more readable when doing this kind of stuff and not require
> changing the source code to add just one more ruleset specific flag.

 My plan has been to implement that in some point, but not just yet.
So unless someone else does it, temporary hardcoded naming is needed.

 - ML

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