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I encountered a few bugs when playing the 2.1.0-beta3-sdl -version.

1) Autofocus did not work on the "Kaleeri" (Galleon?) ship. All the other
land units were focused on correctly. I didn't test other sea units yet (the
game crashed before I had time to save)

2) When choosing unit options from the city dialog the following options
left the unit dialog permanently open:
- Disband
- Activate
- Activate, close window
I didn't test the rest of the options, but I was unable to close the 
unit dialog
and it remained open (but inresponsive) through the rest of the game.

I also have a couple of suggestions and didn't know where to post them:

3) I would very much like an option to disable near-screen-edges -scrolling.
it doesn't work very well in the SDL-client, so I would like to turn it 
off. This
option should default to on (eg. edge-scrolling is on by default).

4) The dialog where you choose the city production queue should have small
question mark in each production icon. This question mark would bring up the
relevant Civilopedia page. Not everyone remembers all the buildings by 
heart. :)

5) This same question mark -policy should be available in the dialog 
where you
choose the research subjects.

6) Since alt-clicking on the map (or on units) is not used for anything, 
it should
be assigned to bring up the relevant Civilopedia page. This help-on-alt 
should be extended to every dialog in the game to impove usability.

7) Since the bottom of the screen has still some space, it would make 
sense to
add an quick icon to access the Civilopedia. If an unit is selected, 
then the page
of this unit will be opened.

8) To improve player-to-player communications I would like to have an option
to select a part of my screen and send it to the other player. This way 
I could
control the amount of data being sent and still convey enough data. This 
be implemented as screenshots and as showing screenshots received from other

9) I would like to have flags (best visualized as inactive units) that I 
could place
and only the player I'm negotiating with could see them. Maybe the diplomacy
dialog could have and option Set flag where you could place flags. These 
would be automatically numbered and you could move them around. The other
player would see the flag and the number. This way you could enhance your
options to explain your strategy to the other player. Examples follow:
- Problem: You want to explain how your troops will move. Solution:
Set three flags and message "I will move 1-2-3".
- Problem: You want to gather an army with an ally. Solution: Set a flag and
message "meet me at 1"
- Problem: You want to direct an attack. Solution: Set flags and message 
I will hit 1 and then 2. You hit 3 and then 4. Then we meet at 5."

Here's my two cents, thanks for developing this great game! :)

Lauri Uotinen

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