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> Hi!
> 4) The dialog where you choose the city production queue should have small
> question mark in each production icon. This question mark would bring up the
> relevant Civilopedia page. Not everyone remembers all the buildings by
> heart. :)
> 5) This same question mark -policy should be available in the dialog
> where you
> choose the research subjects.

You can already middle-click for this effect! Works in both build and
research dialogs.

> 6) Since alt-clicking on the map (or on units) is not used for anything,
> it should
> be assigned to bring up the relevant Civilopedia page. This help-on-alt
> -policy
> should be extended to every dialog in the game to impove usability.

Middle-clicking on terrain brings up a dialog where you can get info
on the terrain.

> 7) Since the bottom of the screen has still some space, it would make
> sense to
> add an quick icon to access the Civilopedia. If an unit is selected,
> then the page
> of this unit will be opened.

It'd be a good idea to have a GUI shortcut to the 'pedia. I don't
think it has an 'index' page yet though (or at least I couldn't find


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