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Daniel Markstedt wrote:
>> 4) The dialog where you choose the city production queue should have small
>> question mark in each production icon. This question mark would bring up the
>> relevant Civilopedia page. Not everyone remembers all the buildings by
>> heart. :)
>> 5) This same question mark -policy should be available in the dialog
>> where you
>> choose the research subjects.
> You can already middle-click for this effect! Works in both build and
> research dialogs.
Negative. It works in the gtk2 client with middle click. Now middle 
doesn't do anything. Or does the sdl client handle clicking the wheel button
differently? (I have standard mouse with two buttons and scroll-wheel, which
in most programs emulates third button when clicked)

>> 6) Since alt-clicking on the map (or on units) is not used for anything,
>> it should
>> be assigned to bring up the relevant Civilopedia page. This help-on-alt
>> -policy
>> should be extended to every dialog in the game to impove usability.
> Middle-clicking on terrain brings up a dialog where you can get info
> on the terrain.
Negative. Again. Middle clicking in sdl client doesn't do anything. 
While in the
gtk2 client this works perfectly. In the sdl client I have to 
shift-click things to
obtain information on them...
>> 7) Since the bottom of the screen has still some space, it would make
>> sense to
>> add an quick icon to access the Civilopedia. If an unit is selected,
>> then the page
>> of this unit will be opened.
> It'd be a good idea to have a GUI shortcut to the 'pedia. I don't
> think it has an 'index' page yet though (or at least I couldn't find
> it).
Yes, as it would replace the Help-option in the gtk2 client. In the sdl 
client you
cannot go browsing the Civilopedia just for fun, because there is no 
link there...

Thank you for such a quick reply! :)

Lauri Uotinen

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