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Quoting Daniel Markstedt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> <URL: http://bugs.freeciv.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=37734 >
>> Negative. It works in the gtk2 client with middle click. Now middle
>> clicking
>> doesn't do anything. Or does the sdl client handle clicking the wheel button
>> differently? (I have standard mouse with two buttons and scroll-wheel, which
>> in most programs emulates third button when clicked)
> Sounds like a bug that affects your system but not mine. I have just
> the same kind of mouse as you, and middle-clicking does work in the
> SDL client

Confirmed the bug on three other computers. This makes the consistency
4/4 computers with 3/3 mouse types (all wheel mouses with two buttons).
However, in the gtk2-client the middle clicking works in all of these
computers affected by this bug. I can test it on fifth computer later
this evening. It doesn't have a new mouse type, so most likely middle
clicking won't work on it, either.

With regards,
Lauri Uotinen

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