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"Per I. Mathisen" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>    Good idea.  Many times the designers of European board/card
>> games do a good job of creating well balanced games.
>Don't forget the Australians! They produce some of the best board games 
>there are.

    I wasn't aware of that.  But I didn't intend to slight any
particular continent.  :-)  I meant the word "European" in the sense
that it is (was?) frequently used in rec.games.board.

>In a similar vein, I think all possibilities to "rush" at victory 
>conditions should be high risk to opponent's counter-strategies.
>However - this depends on other players being able to see what you are 
>doing, which is very hard in Freeciv at the moment. There needs to be a 
>way to correct that.

    As a starting point, how about a "scoreboard" for each victory
point?  I'm thinking of reports similar to the "greatest cities"
report, except that they would cover other things.  There could be
a report showing the top 5 contenders for "longest road", another
showing the top 5 contenders for "largest palace", etc.

>>> I sympathize with this idea, but I suspect this would be a performance
>>> killer with the way city production is calculated currently.
>>    I expected that too, but I didn't see much difference.  Granted,
>> this was on small maps.  OTOH, my code was pretty crude and it could
>> probably be made more efficient by a better programmer than me.
>This is made very complicated by the way CM(A) calculates benefits. We 
>will need to cache it somehow, or things will get rather ugly. Or things 
>will get inaccurate.

    IIRC, it turned out to be simpler than I had anticipated.  That's
because it was a one for one replacement of the distance from the
capital.  PF distance was substituted for "real map distance".
IIRC, everything else (in the CM(A)) stayed the same.

>I would be interested in seeing how you programmed it, though. So please
>post a patch, even if it is not pretty ;)

    I'm will do that.  I've been working on finding and assembling
the pieces today.

    I should warn you that my patches were applied to trunk version
11656.  Further, Benedict Adamson's AI patch (RT#14923?) was applied
to that.  Then my patches were applied on top of that.

    That said, I don't remember any overlap between my code and
Adamson's.  But the line number offsets might be substantially
different in some files.


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