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Quoting Lauri Uotinen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Confirmed the bug on three other computers. This makes the consistency
> 4/4 computers with 3/3 mouse types (all wheel mouses with two buttons).
> However, in the gtk2-client the middle clicking works in all of these
> computers affected by this bug. I can test it on fifth computer later
> this evening. It doesn't have a new mouse type, so most likely middle
> clicking won't work on it, either.

I tested this on the fifth computer and it didn't work. HOWEVER, I also
asked my neighbour to test it and it worked with no problems there. So
it would seem to work with some mouses and not with some other... Strange.
Either that or I have suddenly lost my skill to middle-click... LOL. :D

I wonder why this problem only affects the sdl-client? Do the clients
have different mouse implementation?

Lauri Uotinen

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