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We held a small test session with the
beta3-sdl clients (four players total).

Here are our observations:

1) Everyone disliked the scroll-near edges feature, since
it was mostly just annoying or buggy. We would greatly
appreciate an option to disable this feature.

2) Adjusting the image to a decent size and properly on
the screen was seen as tough task. Also the full size
mode didn't work for any of us. Maximizing the window
just lead to the game area being repositioned top left.

3) We could not figure out how to send in game messages
and had to resort to communicating via Messenger. If
four average players cannot decipher how to send messages,
then maybe it's too complex?

4) After pressing enter to end the turn, there was no
indication that you had submitted your turn and were
waiting for the other players to finish their turns. This
confused some of us. It should be relatively easy to fix.

5) In the circle-of-players window you cannot quickly
see which players are still moving. This was annoying
to some.

6) Middle clicking on the terrain with standard mouse
(two buttons and scrollable wheel) only worked on
two players. Rest of us had to use shift-clicking.

7) Middle clicking at production queue (to produce
the relevant Civilopedia page) didn't work for any
of us.

8) Middle clicking at research queue (to produce
the relevant Civilopedia page) didn't work for any
of us.

9) All of us experienced problems with autofocus.
Either it didn't center on the autofocused unit or
it didn't select any of the remaining units even
though some of them still had movement left (and
had not chosen to wait).

10) Some of the texts were quite hard to read.
The yellow player kept complaining that white
text was quite hard read on yellow background.
Also the small messages pane got quite many

11) The accept and refuse signs in the diplomacy
menu weren't as clear as they were in the previous
version. This was found annoying to one player.

12) The server command 'score' didn't work. It simply
didn't do anything. We also tried 'scores' to verify
it wasn't a typo.

13) The server command 'observe' caused clients to
crash with error message (I'll try to reproduce
this later and post the error message)

14) My client crashed twice. Once in diplomacy window
and once when moving a sea unit. One other client crashed
too, but he couldn't remember what he was doing before
it happened. We were able to resume game by restarting
the clients.

Here are our suggestions:

1) There could be a new icon with Settlers which would
suggest good places for cities and show them in the form
food/production/trade. This could improve the
learning rate of new players.

2) There could be an option to show the f/p/r -values of
each terrain square by holding down some key (maybe ?-key)

Overall the sdl-client was seen as very neat and promising
client! FreeCiv is going to take a huge leap ahead what comes
to GUI and usability. :)

Lauri Uotinen
Sini Leppäkoski
Kimmo Tanskanen
Lasse Limnell

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