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Some comments to your observations follow:

On 3/10/07, Lauri Uotinen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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> Hi!
> We held a small test session with the
> beta3-sdl clients (four players total).
> Here are our observations:
> 1) Everyone disliked the scroll-near edges feature, since
> it was mostly just annoying or buggy. We would greatly
> appreciate an option to disable this feature.

In what way was it buggy?

> 2) Adjusting the image to a decent size and properly on
> the screen was seen as tough task. Also the full size
> mode didn't work for any of us. Maximizing the window
> just lead to the game area being repositioned top left.

With "full size" do you mean fullscreen? To enter fullscreen mode,
first select the "Fullscreen Mode" checkbox _then_ click on your
preferred resolution.

> 3) We could not figure out how to send in game messages
> and had to resort to communicating via Messenger. If
> four average players cannot decipher how to send messages,
> then maybe it's too complex?

To access the chatline, press right shift+enter. (Yes it's not very
intuitive. I'd much prefer it to be simply 'tab' as is standard in a
lot of other games.)

> 7) Middle clicking at production queue (to produce
> the relevant Civilopedia page) didn't work for any
> of us.

What do mean by production 'queue'? The worklist dialog?

> 8) Middle clicking at research queue (to produce
> the relevant Civilopedia page) didn't work for any
> of us.

Middle-clicking in the research dialogs didn't work for me either now.
However, right-clicking produced the desired result. Strange.

> 9) All of us experienced problems with autofocus.
> Either it didn't center on the autofocused unit or
> it didn't select any of the remaining units even
> though some of them still had movement left (and
> had not chosen to wait).

I reported the former bug two years ago; haven't encountered the latter.

> 12) The server command 'score' didn't work. It simply
> didn't do anything. We also tried 'scores' to verify
> it wasn't a typo.

This command has been removed in 2.1. Instead, the player dialog
should show scores. The SDL client hasn't implemented this yet.

> Overall the sdl-client was seen as very neat and promising
> client! FreeCiv is going to take a huge leap ahead what comes
> to GUI and usability. :)
> Regards,
> Lauri Uotinen
> Sini Leppäkoski
> Kimmo Tanskanen
> Lasse Limnell

Thanks for the report!


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