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is this expected to be useable in the final version?

that depends on what exactly still needs to be done to make the client
considered "useable" and how much time I'll be able to spend on doing
these things before the final version gets released (unless somebody
helps out by sending patches). So, I can't answer your question for
sure now, but it might easily take several more months to get some
particular problems fixed, especially if it involves the creation of
missing dialogs or a redesign of existing dialogs, as this is a very
time consuming and error-prone task with the SDL client's widget
system :-/. In the long run, it might be better to port the GUI design
of the SDL client to a more mature and easier to use widget toolkit
(at least for the desktop client), but I guess there aren't many
alternatives that support all the nice features the SDL client uses
right now (i.e. fully customizable look&feel, semi-transparent widgets
on top of a fullscreen map layer) and also integrates nicely with the
common client part (C/C++). Perhaps it could be done with GTK+, making
heavy use of its theme engine, but I'm not sure about that yet.

I just had major problems, as were

- no way to set game options before the game starts

I would agree with "no comfortable way". There's at least the
possibility to enter the corresponding server commands in the chatline
before clicking the "Start" button.

- stucks and crashes in the nation selection screen

I couldn't reproduce this. What exactly did you do before it crashed?

- buttons are outside the screen, not readable

where exactly?

- Many sdl related strings are not i18n'd

that's probably because some strings moved to other files that aren't
in POTFILES.in yet:


- searching for "SDL" in the wiki shows no entries

you mean there should be a page similar to the "GTK" one?

... to be continued.

feel free to report any flaws you can find.

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