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On 3/12/07, Marko Lindqvist <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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>  Default tilesets simply don't work with custom rulesets. It's quite
> demanding for new users to load correct tileset by giving commandline
> parameters to client before custom rulesets can be used.
>  This patch implements tileset suggestions to game.ruleset. If
> game.ruleset contains tileset.suggest -entry, it is sent to client in
> packet_ruleset_control. Client then asks from user if tileset should
> be changed. Gtk client supports this. Other clients will not even
> compile with this patch version.
>  Rulesets compatible with typical tilesets (Amplio/Trident/Freeland)
> should *not* include tileset suggestion. User has chosen his/her
> tileset and that's it. Still, I find confirmation dialog in the client
> end necessary. It could be made optional (always accept
> suggestion/ask/never accept suggestion), but that's out of this scope
> of this patch.
>  - ML

Maybe you could call the tag 'prefered_tilesets' instead; cf
'prefered_themes' in the tilespec.


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