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I found a bug in the 2.1.0-beta3: spies are always executed when trying
to establish an embassy, even if they haven't been in any contact with
the enemy.

I quickly checked the source code, and it would seem to me that the
problem is actually that the spies are always created with the "foul"

In server/cityturn.c, line 1212 units are created with 0 moves left,
which in turn is interpreted as "already moved" in server/unittools.c
line 1339, where spies are flagged as "foul".

In the stable version the units are created with -1 moves left, so there
it works as intended. However, as somebody has obviously intentionally
changed the moves_left argument from -1 to 0 for the beta version,
changing it back might break something that I'm not aware of. This is
why I didn't submit a patch but just a bug report.

   - Joona Kurki

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