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On Saturday 17 March 2007 01:02 am, (Eddie_Anderson) wrote:
> Per Inge Mathisen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >We could just retire the distance based waste penalty.
>     Perhaps, but I would prefer to keep it and give players a way to
> remedy it.  There are at least two reasons for keeping it:
> 1) Waste-by-Distance reflects (roughly) the real problems of
>    governing (or managing) a remote location.  So it has a flavor of
>    realism.


> 2) Waste-by-Distance is the opposite side of the coin of trade
>    routes (which are more valuable if they are distant).  That too
>    has a flavor of realism - because goods that have to be imported
>    from far away cities tend to cost more.


>     And here's another idea.  Perhaps the new trade route formula
> that you just created could incorporate an incentive for a road
> network.  E.g. replace RMD with RMD/PFD.  That way, the better the
> travel conditions between the trading cities, the greater the income
> from the trade route.

I'm not as sure about this--maybe a U shaped curve or something similar (and 
maybe this rule would create that).  

Early in the game, trade over a long distance presumably takes a long time 
(slow travel) and small quantities (camel-loads), but is very expensive per 
unit cost because of the scarcity.   

Later in the game, trade becomes faster and easier--trucks over roads or 
railways--now quantities are larger, less scarce, less expensive per unit, 
but overall greater revenue due to greater quantity. (?)

Randy Kramer

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