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> [s1kevin - Wed Oct 25 04:29:13 2006]:
> From the city management screen (F1), Alt-H is defined for both Help and
> sHow.  This prevents users from using voice recognition software from
> being able to shortcut to items in the list.

This issue persists in 2.1.0b3, though not as badly.  Please note that
users who are handicapped and have to use voice recognition software
(VRS) are force do do one of a few things, use Alt-S, then mouse left
(possibly twice), or tell the VRS to move the mouse so that the menu can
be clicked on.  This can take a significant effort depending on the VRS.
 Being able to say "Press Alt-H" is easy (so is "Press Alt-W), but "Move
mouse left/right/up/down" is very time consuming.  Bringing up a mouse
grid divides the screen into sections (like a tick-tack-toe board),
where users select a section of the screen, then the grid moves to just
that section.  The mouse remains in the center of grid 5 (middle
center).  When the user gets to a point where the mouse is over what
they want, they say "mouse click".  Finally!  Now the menu is up.  Now
they can tell the VRS move up five times (for example).

The reason I say "not as badly" is the Alt-H keystroke now depends on
which pane the user is focused on.  The result is still the same,
however, because as soon as the user says "Press Alt H", they can only
get one of the two - not the other.  It's also not obvious just looking
at FC, to see which pane is active.

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