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We played some test games with the 2.1.0-beta3-sdl clients. Here are our 

Game crashed for Mikko Boman on these occasions:
- After exiting the Units (F2?) menu (could not reproduce)
- After changing the resolution to larger (could not reproduce) 1)
1) After restarting the game the main menu was no longer shown
and he had to join the test game with command line switches
("-a -s [server ip]")

Game crashed for Sini Leppäkoski on these occasions:
- After pressing Enter  (could not reproduce, obviously :) 2)
- After pressing Enter  (could not reproduce, obviously :) 2)
1) This crashing had something to do with memory, since the computer
started hd-swapping before the crash occurred. The tested computer
has 512 MB of RAM. The crashes occurred before 1000 BC.

Fortunately, only the clients crashed. The server was stable, so crashing
was more of an annoyance, really. If AUTOTOGGLE is set then this is
more than annoying, since then the AI changes everything you have

Mikko: "You should have a private chatline in the diplomacy window to 
discuss the terms"
Sini: "You could right-click on enemy units and ask them to leave your 
territory. Basically, they
would just send a message to their leader that they have been asked to 
leave and offer an option
to focus and center on the unit in question."

Lauri Uotinen relaying (and translating) the report by
Sini Leppäkoski and
Mikko Boman

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