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>On Mon, 5 Mar 2007, (Eddie_Anderson) wrote:
>>   a) Reduce the government corruption penalty for Despotism and
>>      Anarchy to 10%.
>>      Both Despotism and Anarchy impose penalties at the tile level.
>>      For tiles like fish, that represents a 33% penalty of its food
>>      production.  I don't understand why there is an additional 37%
>>      penalty (plus a distance penalty) on top of that.
>I agree that the recent corruption changes may have penalized the early 
>governments a little bit too much.

    I've changed my mind about this one.  Part of the beauty of the
original proposal (IMO) was that it was simple (a one line change in
a ruleset, IIRC).  But I think that I have a better idea now.
Please tell me what you think of it.  Here it is:

    "Get rid of the per tile penalties for Despotism and Anarchy."

    E.g. as it is now, if you put a citizen of a city on a Spice
tile (while your government type is Despotism), then that tile
produces 2 food, 0 shields, and 3 trade (2-0-3).  Yet, under any
other gov't type, that tile would produce 3-0-4.  I propose making
that tile's output 3-0-4 at all times (regardless of your gov't

    Here are some of the reasons for eliminating the per tile

1) It is a newbie trap.

2) It would remove the need for putting parenthetical values on the
   tile info displays.

3) It would concentrate the waste/corruption penalties in one place
   (the ruleset) which would make it easier to tune those penalties
   in the future.

4) It increases the benefits of choosing good city sites.

    If this is implemented, then there are some other things that
may be worth doing too:

1) Restore Whales tiles back to 2-2-3 (Food-Shields-Trade).

   AIUI part of why a Whales tile (at 2-2-3) was disproportionately
   valuable was because most of its production "flew under the
   radar" of Despotism's per tile penalties.  But with the per tile
   penalties removed, other special tiles would be more competitive
   with the Whales tile's original values.

2) Make Anarchy significantly more wasteful than Despotism.

   Either make Anarchy's waste greater or Despotism's less.  IIRC,
   as it is now, there is little difference between them.  IMO that
   seems counterintuitive.

3) Remove the free food and free shield for city centers.

   This is sort of a newbie trap in reverse.  But it helps some tile
   types and not others - which means that what appears on tile info
   displays is sometimes not true.  FWIW, I implemented this on my
   copy of Freeciv a while ago.  AFAICS there were no ill effects on
   game balance.

    What do you think?


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