> * Wolfram Sieber <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2006-07-21 00:52:43 +0200]:
> I'm curious why the only two mission goals of civ should be to either
> conquer the world or to succeed in space race. Transferred to everyday
> real life behaviour, that's probably the thing most people don't like
> -- dominant egoists.


> Hence, I was pondering on an alternative mission goal -- which could be
> more real life compatible, improving the social abilities of the player.

I usually abandon games as soon as the research tree is exhausted - or
as soon as my score is both
-- at least twice as large as that of each adversary
-- larger than the sum of scores of all adversaries

> So, what do you think about another one or two exit conditions for
> freeciv, like e.g. 50 years (or turns) of world peace/non-war or
> averagely e.g. 2 military units per city (i.e. no military
> aggregations anywhere)?


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