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On Sun, 18 Mar 2007, Roy Gathercoal wrote:
> I just discovered (after four frustrating days of trying just about
> everything I could think of) that if one of the variables in the data
> file is too long, the entire Freeciv system crashes.
> I then looked at the only data file I had touched: The nation file for
> the Welsh. I had entered a few real world placenames to the list of
> Welsh cities (and took out "Barry"--I know it is an actual place name
> but how can it compare to the sheer poetry of "Llantwit Major", or
> "Ysgol Maes Dyfan"?
> Anyway, I had entered in a particularly descriptive and somewhat famous
> Welsh town name and apparently this is what broke Freeciv.

Can you post your modified Welsh ruleset so that we can try to reproduce 
the crash?


> Perhaps the Freeciv client might be adjusted so that it would not 
> immediately cover up the server's complaints?

Which client is this?

   - Per

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