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We tested the beta4 version with Linux and Windows and discovered that 
using a big map (e.g. size = 12) on a 1024*768 resolution screws up the 
layout manager. With mapsize 12 the following effects too place on a 
Linux computer:
1) Screen resize did not respond
2) Full Screen / Window Screen didn't work
3) Reposition did not respond
4) The chat dialog was positioned half below the screen area
5) Resize chat area did not do anything
6) Layout manager Xorg was using 75% of CPU and 51.1 MB of RAM (in 2.0.9 
and beta3 it uses 4% CPU, I have 700 MHz)

All these effect remained when you windowed the data sheet or the chat 
dialog. But when you windowed the minimap the CPU usage dropped down to 
normal readings and all the resize/reposition -function began to work. 
Also the layout manager could now position the windows so that the 
entire chat dialog fits inside the visible screen area. So most likely 
this is caused by the big size of the minimap. We had no such issues on 
smaller maps.

On Windows computers the CPU usage was not an issue, but here too the 
large minimap was causing issues. Such as the layout manager assigning 
half of the chat dialog below the visible area... This was easily 
corrected by windowing the chat dialog. But if I want to do that, I can 
just use the SDL-client anyway.. :)

Lauri Uotinen and
Sini Leppäkoski

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