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On 08/04/07, Daniel Markstedt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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> The email in BUGS.sv is incorrect. Also, we should IMHO not change
> historical entries in changelog. Attaching modified patch.
> PS. This email is published in cleartext right here, in the code!
> Don't you think spammers scan OSS repositories to harvest addresses?
> If this is the case, we might be doing all our contributors a terrible
> disservice keeping their addresses in changelog and PEOPLE. Dunno what
> to do about it though. D.S
> PPS. Daniil, please make new tickets for unrelated patches. DDS.
>  ~Daniel


 Your patch is much better.
 Didn't think typos deserve separate tickets. Just wanted to keep
everything in the place.
 It is possible to replace "@" with " at ", which will make life of
spiders much more

Thanks, Daniil.

P.S. Christ is risen!

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