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Jason Short wrote:
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>>    Attached to this message is a patch to fix the issue reported in
>> PR#39330. Basically, the problem seems to be that cities can see unknown
>> terrain, and this is considered acceptable and normal. But, in at least
>> one place in the code that possibility is overlooked. In a player's view
>> of a tile, the terrain ptr may be NULL (indicating it is unknown).
>> Attempts to reference a member, such as 'type', of such a NULL ptr
>> obviously results in a segfault.
> Good catch but the bug is deeper.  We do NEED to know the terrain type
> here since the tile is being sent as TILE_KNOWN_FOGGED.  Can you find
> a way to reproduce the problem and figure out why a "known" tile has
> unknown terrain type?  That should not be possible.

Well, the patch can be easily be modified to send 'TILE_UNKNOWN' 
instead, for the case when the tile is seen by a city, but unknown.
A *seen* tile is allowed to be *unknown* according to a comment in 
server/maphand.c, starting at line 810 on the SVN head revision, which I 
quote here:

   Return whether the player can see the tile.  Seeing a tile means you have
   vision of it now (as opposed to knowing a tile which means you've seen it
   before).  Note that a tile can be seen but not known (currently this only
   happens when a city is founded with some unknown tiles in its radius); in
   this case the tile is unknown (but map_get_seen will still return TRUE).

Is this in dispute?

> P.S. Send future reports to the bug tracker.

I *did* send the *report* to the tracker. Are you asking me to only send 
future *patches* for open/new tickets to the tracker and not the list? 
Do you want me to create a new ticket for each patch, like you 
apparently did to respond to my earlier message?


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