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> <URL: http://bugs.freeciv.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=39328 >
> Hi again,
> Jason Short wrote:
>> <URL: http://bugs.freeciv.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=39328 >
>> The current code is clearly wrong.  The va_arg may be implemented as a
>> pointer rather than an inline array and so passing it multiple times to
>> vsnprintf will generate garbage results on some platforms while working
>> on others.
> I doubt it matters whether there is an array of varargs structs or a 
> linked list of them. With an array, if you use an index too far beyond 
> the end, you will also get a segfault. The real problem is that the 
> array index or linked list current pointer is not reset to the beginning 
> after vsprintf et al. are used.
>> Nothing I've read indicates that va_start can be called multiple times
>> within the same function, though.
> Allow me to requote from the man pages for the GNU libc implementation 
> of va_start(3):
> "Each invocation of va_start() must be matched by a corresponding 
> invocation of va_end() in the same  function.  After
>         the call va_end(ap) the variable ap is undefined. Multiple 
> transversals of the list, each bracketed by va_start() and
>         va_end() are possible."

Clearly you have a different version of glibc than me.  My manual page
does not mention multiple calls to va_start.  What it does say is

       An obvious implementation would have a va_list  be  a  pointer
to  the
       stack frame of the variadic function.  In such a setup (by far
the most
       common) there seems nothing against an assignment
                   va_list aq = ap;

clearly my glibc has such an implementation such that passing the va_arg
to vsnprintf amounts to a copy of it.  Yours does not, hence a crash.

However I do not trust a mere manpage to say that va_start may be called
multiple times.  Clearly in that implementation that is the case - but
if it's not guaranteed by C89/C99 then we should not be relying on it.

>> So I'm applying the patch as-is.
> You apparently applied the original patch and not the modified one that 
> I later submitted. The modified one had an additional fix for an 
> identical problem in another place in the same source file. That problem 
> also caused crashes. Attached to this message is a patch for that problem.

Applied now.  Think that is the cause of 39344?


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