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On 4/4/07, Jason Dorje Short <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Here's a shot from later in the game.  The city of Kobe is the original
> source of the borders; the others were added later.  You can see the
> 'bad' ocean tile is closer to Kobe than the adjacent land tiles.  If it
> were a land tile there would be no problem I guess - but since it's an
> ocean tile that 'counts' as a land tile for border checking, it looks bad.

I am not entirely sure what you think is mistaken here. Should the
whale tile fall under borders, is that it? The current rules for ocean
tiles and borders are:

  a) it is an inland lake not larger than MAXIMUM_OCEAN_SIZE
  b) it is adjacent to only one continent and not more than two ocean tiles
  c) It is one tile away from a city
  The source which claims the ocean has to be placed on the correct continent.
  in case a) The continent which surrounds the inland lake
  in case b) The only continent which is adjacent to the tile

The whale tile has more than two adjacent ocean tiles, as far as I can
tell. We could relax the one continent condition if the same player
owns the tiles on the far shore, I guess.

  - Per

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