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On Fri, 20 Apr 2007, Nathan Currier wrote:
> version: 2.0.9-beta3-gtk2

Why are you playing the beta version?

> Unable to bribe units (says diplomat had failed move).

This should have been fixed 2.0.8 -> 2.0.9. Can you recheck in 2.0.9 

> Goto should not attack units at the final destination square if the unit was
> not visible when goto was activated (it sucks to lose a caravel full of
> caravans this way).

This may be very hard to fix.

> Using is also unfair against the AI, especially when
> attacking.  Goto effectively allows humans to take two moves in a single AI
> turn.  Therefore, goto orders should be applied AFTER everyone else has
> moved.  This would put goto its proper role as a timesaver only, with no
> tactical advantage.

It is not possible to rule out double move as you use simultaneous 
movement mode. Goto is actually irrelevant here.

> In Civ II, Genetic Engineering had Chemistry and Corporation as its
> prerequisites.  The Freeciv tech tree shows the Medicine and Corporation as
> the prerequisites.

Freeciv is not Civ2.

> Game balancing:  Democracy is too powerful.  How about signing cease-fires
> and peace treaties when any other player wants them, and require a
> revolution in order to declare war?  Civ II was this way.  Even better would
> be if you were not allowed to declare war during anarchy (since your country
> is too busy with its own problems).

I am not too fond of such restrictions, personally.

   - Per

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