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> [per - Sat Apr 21 13:05:50 2007]:
> Please post each bug in a separate ticket. It is difficult to handle
> multi-bug reports.
Will do.
> Why are you playing the beta version?
Actually, these bugs are from 2.1.0.beta3.  Sorry, my bad.

> > Unable to bribe units (says diplomat had failed move).
> This should have been fixed 2.0.8 -> 2.0.9. Can you recheck in 2.0.9
I rechecked in 2.1.0.beta3.  It is actually a goto bug.  Using goto 
with a diplomat results in a bribe unit popup in which only "cancel" is 
clickable.  The message box says orders aborted because of failed move.
The pay gold box never appears.  If I move the diplomat with the keypad 
I can bribe the unit, pay the gold, and the unit is mine.

> > In Civ II, Genetic Engineering had Chemistry and Corporation as its
> > prerequisites.  The Freeciv tech tree shows the Medicine and
> Corporation as
> > the prerequisites.
> Freeciv is not Civ2.
If the tech tree were completely different I would not have said 
anything, but with such a small difference it looked like someone was 
trying to copy the Civ2 tech tree but made a mistake.  Come to think of 
it, such differences might help Freeciv on copyright issues.

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