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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Wed Apr 25 07:18:33 2007]:
> When there is a vote while the pregame, and a player leaves or is
> lost, the
> players are renumbered. But votes are based on player_no, so the vote
> are
> messed up.
> For exemple:
> * A (player 0), B (player 1), C (player 2) are connected on the same
> server
> * B ask for cut C.
> * A leaves. The players are renumbered: B (player 0), C (player 1).
> Vote are
> not changed so C voted yes, instead of B.
> * B can vote a second time, and cut this poor C user Sad. He can ask a
> second vote too, without canceling the first.
> I don't see any easy solution, just some hack... So i prefer don't
> give you
> bad code lines :)
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I wanted to clarify this cause I think I can fix it just need some more
information.  You are referring to a pregame vote only correct?  If this
is occuring during the game itself I will need some more information as
the server doesn't actually reorder the player list during a disconnect
if not in pregame.

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