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Recent (2006 May 2) MacOS compile of freeciv-2.1.0-beta4.tar.bz2.

This is a very obscure error, and likely not worth fixing before release,
unless a new beta is produced.  It should be fixed in any subsequent
2.1.n release.

Reproduce using the default.ruleset:

  1. Save just before hitting a hut, or building/naming a city, or whatever.

  2. Hit the hut (or whatever), and note result.

  3. Quit, and load the saved game.

  4. Do the same action again, and note the different result.

  5. Quit, and load the saved game.

  6. Do the same action again, and note the same result as the reload.

  7. Repeating seems to confirm the latter result.

Correctly saving/restoring the seed state is essential to testing.

Note that civ1 and civ2 did not save the state, and that was a common
cheat method (reload for a different result).  However, civ3 does this
correctly and is highly reproducible.

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