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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Wed Oct 11 08:31:24 2006]:
> Think I found what was causing this, somehow a T_UNKNOWN check got in
> the mapgen is_near_land function since Freeciv 2.08. Don't think
> T_UNKNOWN has any place in the generator code and the function is
> local to mapgen.c

>      if (tile1->terrain != T_UNKNOWN
>       && !is_ocean(tile_get_terrain(tile1))) {
>        return TRUE;

> Patch fixes it, does nothing about barbarian.c .

Patch just removes the tile1->terrain != T_UNKNOWN check above.
T_UNKNOWN is defined as NULL. Since this check is already done inside
is_ocean(), this cannot possibly be a fix (it would change nothing).

  - Per

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