James Supancic wrote:
> I am thinking about working on an Ogre3D GUI for freeciv. I've been
> looking over the code in freeciv/freeciv/client/gui-* and think I
> might be able to develop something nice.
This would be wonderful!  I actually looked at doing it 18+ months ago,
but decided it would be too much for me.  It would need data support
for elevations (and depths), among other things.

And I'm a network protocol guy, not a game graphics guy.  (I've hardly
looked at the freeciv protocol, don't blame me.)

> I have approximately a 3 month break from school this summer and think
> that I could spend it creating a freeciv UI that I like better than
> the current UIs (I like to play freeciv in a single player mode, and
> prefer a UI that is attractive and enjoyable over a UI that is
> effective and powerful).
When I first tried freeciv, it was to play with my brothers.  They were
not impressed with the UI, compared to then current civ3.

Now, amplio is much nicer visually.  I wish there were something better
for isohex, too.

Anyway, they were seduced by the lovely Civ4.

And we still don't even have civ3 support....

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