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Per I. Mathisen wrote:
> Given how much FoW you usually have, this will make your real borders 
> really hard to visualize and plan with respect to.
> I do not really see a good and simple fix to this issue. We need to change 
> the way either borders or the problematic map updates are done to make 
> them consistent with each other.
Now, I have run into this problem, too.

Here's my suggestion:

1. Foreign borders aren't "tile features" of the map, they are political.

2. When near a border with a unit, the border will appear, even when
you haven't seen the city that created it.  It's not the place itself,
it's the workers, travelers, and minstrels that tell you about it.

3. When the border is no longer near, it should disappear after some
number of turns (1 turn would be very easy to code).

4. When a long term physical asset, my city or fortress, creates a
border that is adjacent, then the foreign border should persist.

5. When a foreign city changes hands, even though I don't "see" the
city or know whether it has been destroyed, the border should change
(as it does now).

After all, the fall of a city or an entire civilization is information
that is reported far and wide.  We hear rumors when a Wonder is started
or finished, we certainly should hear about major battles, especially
as they occur next to our border.

That's logically different than whether trees have been cut down, or a
mine built.

50 years is a really good long time for a political rumor to travel!

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