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Per I. Mathisen wrote:
> I do not see why we should worry about that. It is nice that people can 
> play mods that feel like Civ1/2 with Freeciv, but we do not need to 
> support all kinds of small oddball configurations and/or bugs that people 
> scarcely even remember from civ1/2.
Admittedly, I played 1 & 2 so long ago that my memory is failing. ;-)

I'm assuming that you are old enough to have played civ1 regularly for
years (and civnet against multiple players), followed by more years
playing civ2.

I'm pretty sure the original freeciv authors disagree that the basic
visual operation of civ1&2 was "oddball".  They went to some lengths to
reflect the actual historic functionality.

Indeed, my suggestion was *NOT* that the old functionality go away, but
that it should not be hard-coded -- a simple knob I proposed be added to
allow civ3&4 behavior.

Although I've only been on the mailing list for 18 months or so, and
rarely contribute, I've some recollection that you worked on adding many
knobs generalizing formerly hard-coded constants and functionality.  I'm
trying to cooperate in the same way.

> Given how many bugs we have and have had related to vision, I think we 
> need to move toward making it simpler, rather than making it more complex.
While hard-coding a behavior is "simpler", it doesn't reflect my
understanding of the purpose of the project: the "Good Parts Version" of
the entire civ series with superior networking ability, and (hopefully)
improved AI, running on multiple platforms.

The old civ1&2 vision has been in the code and working for some time.

I'm actually quite disappointed about the recent removing of basic
functionality of civ1&2, such as reputation, temporary cease fire,
Fundamentalism, etc.

I'm even more disappointed that civ3 hasn't yet been added.  But one
thing at a time.... :-)

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