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When I tried to compile branches/S2_0, I got this message:
da.po:6640: Il n'y a pas le même nombre de spécifications de format entre « 
msgid » et « msgstr[1] ».
/usr/bin/msgfmt: 1 erreur fatale trouvée

Sorry for french. It means there are not the same numbers of escape string 
between "msgid" and "msgstr[1]" at line 6640: Fatal error.

# problem
#: server/unittools.c:1779
#, c-format
msgid "Game: You lost %d unit to an attack from %s's %s%s."
msgid_plural "Game: You lost %d units to an attack from %s's %s%s."
msgstr[0] "Spil: Du tabte %d enhed i et angreb fra %ss %s."
msgstr[1] "Spil: Du tabte %d enheder i et angreb fra %ss %s."

I can't patch it, i doesn't speak any danish word :)

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