It looks like that (to implement a new UI) I'm going to have to make a
lot of calls to the client code. I had initially expected that my UI
code would be called by the client to do certain tasks (client->UI
protocol, which is well documented in gui-stub) more than the inverse.

Will someone explain to me the rules for the GUI calling the client?
What functions am I allowed to use? Right now I'm trying to implement
the GUI for the pregame phase.

When I visualized the call graph for the SDL client... I think a part
of me died... =)

Perhaps a UI developer could write a brief document to help me figure
out the basic interaction scheme? What data structures and functions
do I need to know about?

If you can help me limit my exposure to only the required APIs you
will render it much easier for me to to learn how to interact with the

Thank you for your time,
James Steven Supancic III

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