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Hi. Here's my feature request. (I'm running Freeciv 2.0.5, FWIW.)

When viewing the Cities report, the Currently Building column shows
Stock, Target, Turns, and Buy fields.

Here's my "user story": Every turn, I usually want to go down this list
and check which items I can currently buy with the gold I have. If I
decide to buy some of them, I can select them and click the Buy button.
However there's no easy way to locate the ones I can afford. The "buy"
amount is not aligned in a column, so it's hard to scan; and you can't
sort on that value either. When the number of cities grows large,
finding the affordable build products becomes an eye-straining and
drudgurious task.
So I would like an easy way to locate the build products I can afford to
The way that seems like the easiest to develop (most consistent,
basically uses existing UI features) is to add another available column
to the Show menu, called "Buy" (or "Cost to Buy" or something). Then I
could show that column separately, and sort on it, and all the most
affordable build products would drop to the bottom (or top) of the list.

An alternative way to do it would be to highlight (e.g. make bold) the
city rows for which the player has enough gold to buy the build products.


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