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match_type = "full" -- as it exists -- has a number of problems.

It requires the cell_type = "rect", then actually operates on a
"cellgroup" -- AFAICT a whole tile!

It conflicts (or at least the documentation says it does) with all other
match types.  This causes otherwise unnecessary drawing layers.

It requires exponentially more tiles as the number of potential matches.
Currently, 3 matches requires 81 tiles, and the older version required
about 96 corner cells (some were duplicates).

It is not used in existing tilesets, likely because of its problems.


match_type = "pair" should operate in full orthogonal harmony with other
match types.  Thus, various tiles could use pairwise matching (such as
water and glacier), while others could use single/boolean matching
(such as hills), and others none.

This would collapse the current terrain2 and terrain3 levels, and/or
allow more interesting interactions.

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