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I don't understand your changes to the first functions, but I have
some comments on the other changes.

I did this with the field width wrong as well, but I think we should
reserve a width up to 5 for build costs. I can imagine wonders costing
more than 10000 if you buy them from scratch in the derfault ruleset.
With mods or altered rulesets, it might be even more possible, so we
should allow up to 5 digits.

+ { TRUE, 4, 1, NULL, N_("?gold:Buy"), N_("Gold to purchase building"),
+ NULL, FUNC_TAG(buy_cost) },

In this change, shouldn't it be FALSE in the first field (for
numerical values), And a better long text would be "Cost to rush
production" (I think that is consistent with other wording around in
freeciv, and "building" might associate to improvement which is wrong.

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