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This is definitely odd.  The history shows that's been around a very long


Thu Jun 17 13:07:54 1999  Nicolas Brunel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

        * acconfig.h, config.h.in, configure.in, client/civclient.c,
        common/shared.h, server/civserver.c: The defines MAILING_LIST and
        SITE has been replaced by BUG_EMAIL_ADDRESS and WEBSITE_URL.  They
        have been withdrawn from acconfig.h.  We now hint people to report
        bugs via [EMAIL PROTECTED] .  Patch submitted by David Pfitzner
        <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>.

But my search of the source didn't find it in any of those places.

     fc_fprintf(stderr, _("Report bugs to <%s>.\n"), BUG_EMAIL_ADDRESS);

Yet, it compiles here!  (Admittedly, I've not tried SDL, just GTK2.)

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