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Per I. Mathisen wrote:
> The question is, does it change translations? If so, I'd say no. It is 
> frozen for new features and translation string changes now. We need to get 
> it out soon... :/
Soon, as in 15 months ago?  There are still many bug reports, some crashing.
We need to fix them and put out another beta.

The short answer is NO, a single menu item can be replaced by an existing
string (such as "Production") for S2_1.  Thus, it meets the requirement
"frozen for new ... translation string changes now."

I'll assume that I've met the requirement, and check it in without further
complaint.  It would help for those of you using trunk to actually test the
revised city report (F1).  I think you'll like it, and consider it a worthy
addition to S2_1!

The long answer is YES, I fixed many (about 135) translation strings.
These should not be frozen!


For example, in the first (cs.po) and many others:

  #: client/gui-sdl/citydlg.c:2603
  #, fuzzy, c-format
  msgid "?food:Surplus: %d"
-msgstr "?Food surplus:J+"
+msgstr "?food:Přebytek: %d"

As you can plainly see, 18/27 files had dropped the %d, in various ways,
probably the most common problem.  This does not work properly (an active
translator would have noticed)!  How did this get missed?

My guess is that some kind of mechanical process confused the two colon,

  msgid "?food:Surplus: %d"

with the single colon (and different capitalization) earlier in the file,

-msgid "?Food surplus:F+"
-msgstr "?Food surplus:J+" <<<<<<

As you can see, I added [short], among other changes to the format.  That
should help ensure translation consistency in the future:

+msgid "?Food surplus [short]:+F"
+msgstr "?Food surplus [short]:+J"


Another example (pt_BR.po),

  #: client/cityrepdata.c:441
  #, fuzzy
  msgid "Workers: Happy"
-msgstr "Operários"
+msgstr "Operários: Feliz"

#: client/cityrepdata.c:443
  #, fuzzy
  msgid "Workers: Content"
-msgstr "Operários"
+msgstr "Operários: Contente"

  #: client/cityrepdata.c:445
  #, fuzzy
  msgid "Workers: Unhappy"
-msgstr "Operários"
+msgstr "Operários: Descontente"

As you can plainly see, 3 menu items are all translated "Workers" without
the descriptor.  All you see is:


Not useful!  I was able to guess the descriptor from other strings.
(There's a lot of redundancy in the files.)


In fact, I did a lot of that kind of thing.  I started out working on my
own changes, and noticed a lot of problems in lines nearby.  I spent far
more time fixing other folk's errors than adding this Buy column.

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