SDL options not working was the result of a #?! after switching  
screen resolution, now they are working fine.
I removed my civserver framework and copy and compile code from  
utility and common (except utility/ftwl which was not needed) and  
still got that error :
packets_gen.c:1142: failed assertion `pc->phs.variant != NULL'

Anyone got an idea why this fail?
and any idea on how to define $(datarootdir) in config.h or anywhere  
outside a Makefile?

Le 16 juin 07 à 17:28, mecanography a écrit :

> Hello list,
> I finaly had another look at the code and fix some stuffs, so I got  
> it running !
> I need to change the default data path to the Xcode bundle one (but  
> alas the DEFAULT_DATA_PATH doesn't seem to do anything, so if  
> anyone got hint on how to set default data path outside of  
> Makefile...) and be able to launch the server automaticaly (seems  
> the framework approach wasn't good I got a
> packets_gen.c:1142: failed assertion `pc->phs.variant != NULL'
> when trying to join a local command line civserver).
> Also is it normal that I can only change screen resolution options  
> and no other one in the SDL client?
> cheers

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