On 6/17/07, Vasco Alexandre da Silva Costa <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On 6/17/07, mecanography <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Wow... finaly got it kinda working... I launched a civserver through
> > command line and could connect and start a game (build city,
> > irrigation, move, enter huts, etc...), I just had a crash when trying
> > to open unit info panel... The SDL client is very nice looking!
> > (didn't test sound, is it working? because the option is dim out here).
> >
> > By the way, I found how to "properly" use DEFAULT_DATA_PATH (and let
> > FREECIV_PATH alone)^^ now I must link the embedded civserver
> > (hints?)! And I just found a definition for "readline" so I guess
> > this option is pretty useless in this build (or does it serve kinda
> > client-server operations? I doubt it but as I don't precisely know, a
> > confirmation wuld be nice).
> >
> > Fact is the HAVE_CONFIG_H doesn't keep it defined value through .c
> > code files on compile (surely an option I didn't check in Xcode) so I
> > changed all headers needing it accordingly and it seems that headers
> > order has importance especialy when "config.h" is involved. I guess
> > most errors came from that.
> >
> > It's very nice to have a Cocoa SDL (though X11 was fine too), thanks
> > to the SDL team!
> The more users the better! It would be nice to have binary packages so
> the other Mac users do not have to compile their own SDL client though.

I actually attempted to make an OSX SDL release a few months ago with
the help of Nathan (saltybanana) but failed. The game complies and
runs flawlessly but I couldn't make the package standalone (lack of
dev experience on OSX).

> > P.-S. I hope I'm not disturbing the serenity of the list by posting
> > my findings ( there are questions as well, newby ones mostly sorry
> > for that).

"Serenity" is not exactly an ideal quality of a mailing list IMHO. ;)


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